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About us

We can help you with the following:

  • Working out how to save a minimum of 20% of your start up cost.
  • Choosing the right site. This is important because choosing the wrong site can cause you to blow your budget.
  • Minimising and managing possible delays. Without this, due to cummulative delays it is likely that your building would not be ready on time. This would delay the start of production and there would be no place to store your products. The launch of your services would be delayed.

Our mission

We consider that successful construction project management is more than designing buildings and supervising their construction. Our work with our clients is underpinned by trust, reliability and quality. Together these factors provide a strong foundation for the success of our building projects. We support our clients from concept stage right through to the successful implementation of each project.
Our services are focused on designing to meet your needs starting with concept development right through to keeping the project within your previously determined budget. During project implementation we manage the communication between yourself and everyone else that is involved in the project.  We believe that our successful communication coupled with our wealth of management experience is the key to the success of our projects.

Our vision

For each of our constuction projects we aim to make outstanding results become a reality. Throughout the design and implementation process we strive to achieve quality. We do this by partnering with companies that have Quality Assurance systems and/or professional indemnity insurance while also providing personal support for our clients that is tailored to their individual needs.
Our approach is focused on using our experience and enthusiasm to enable us to meet our clients’ needs. We only consider our job successfully accomplished if our clients are using the property that we developed together for its intended purpose many years after its completion.